What Base Oils are Good for Beating Acne?

No doubt some of you have considered using essential oils to try and beat acne. You may be quite confused about which oils are best. Then you get to choose the carrier oil and find that the choice is just as varied.

Here is a guide to the most commonly used base oils to help you to make the decision as to which you should use. Always take into account your own personal skin category before making your final decision.

  • Sweet Almond Oil – this is by far the one that you are most likely to come across. This is nutritious and suitable for skins that are normal to drier. It is a very popular carrier oil and is very versatile with little odor.
  • Grapeseed Oil – this is also a very popular choice and is often used as a carrier oil. This nourishes the skin but is lighter than sweet almond oil and slightly astringent. Best for oily or combination skins.
  • Avocado Oil – this is a very heavy oil and is for extremely dry or damaged skins. The oil has wonderful healing properties but is best reserved for use twice a week or so. Try the best acne treatments here.
  • Olive Oil – for blending you would need to look for an extra virgin oil preferably and this is a very popular option in the Mediterranean regions. It is very soothing to skin but the smell may put you off.
  • Apricot Kernel oil – Also mildly astringent, this is a very nourishing oil and encourages the renewal of skin cells. Suitable for normal to combination skin. It has a high Vitamin E content and is great for preventing scarring.
  • Calendual Oil – this is a deeply nourishing oil that suits all skin types. It is wonderful at reducing scar tissue and softening the appearance of scar tissue. This oil can be used daily and is a good option if you want some extra nourishment.

These are some of the better known oils that are used in aromtherapy for skin care. You will have to choose one that is appropriate for you. Sunflower oil is also an option but is not the best though it will do in a push. (It is a very heavy oil and can clog pores.)

Try see if you can get samples or buy smaller bottles until you know what you like. Always blend the oils in well and you will soon get used to using oils instead of creams.